Best movie ever (:

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"I’ve screamed enough I miss yous into
voicemail boxes to know this
likely won’t make much difference,
but I must make an effort to make
amends for the distance I left between us.
See I loved my insides raw over you;
a heart of hot iron, now rusts
under the downpour of your absence
and moons rise and wane while I
remain sleepless. I’ve numbered the
hair-pins you lost in my bedsheets: sixty-six
and counting. Yesterday evening
I saw your sister in the mall and almost
asked her how you’d been– truthfully,
I admit, I hid in Victoria’s Secret, but I
don’t believe she suspected a thing.
Darling, I’m tired of sharpening my heart
like a blade on another girl’s lips,
and I never wanted romance to
become a great war between sexes.
I wish I could fall in love,
but see I’ve quite forgotten how,
and I’m so sure thinking of you
is not supposed to feel like there’s a brick
attached to my ankle, weighing me down.
It seems forever is a word quite unknown
to the language of love, and while I
leave my heart like an anchor in the past,
it seems time is a ship which does not stop–
not even for us– not even for us."

"New Voice Message Received." – Beau Taplin (Hunting Season)  (via afadthatlastsforever)


Here are the things I want for you.

I want you to be happy. I want someone else to know the warmth of your smile, to feel the way I did when I was in your presence.

I want you to know how happy you once made me and though you really did hurt me, in the end, I was better for it. I don’t know if what we had was love, but if it wasn’t, I hope never to fall in love. Because of you, I know I am too fragile to bear it.

I want you to remember my lips beneath your fingers and how you told me things you never told a soul. I want your to know that I have kept sacred, everything you had entrusted in me and I always will.

Finally, I want you to know how sorry I am for pushing you away when I had only meant to bring you closer. And if I ever felt like home to you, It was because you were safe with me. I want you to know that most of all.


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I hate those moments in life when everything is just static and nothing makes you feel much of anything and you’re just kinda stuck and not caring about shit


A lap dance would be nice right now

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